People and the wordpress

WordPress is a tool. It is a tool for publishing blogs on internet. We do publish. Some people publish their loved stuff while some people publish emotions. Yes, emotions, emotions of their own. Don’t mind. Its not a bad thing to do. Use wordpress to teach people what you already know. People do that. Some companies do their work on this wordpress of ours. While some companies do blog for self-esteem and they do not place ads too. Whatever people do on the website, it goes from his/her minds to his/her mind.


  This is not all what you will find out on wordpress. There are many other interesting people who do post cool things to read. But there are many “I” type people too. Those post blogs entirely on themselves. I am not against that. I am against their matter in the blog. I read their blogs and by the end of the blog, I am guilty and angry on myself that why I read this blog and wasted my precious time. But who explains these people to do some logical writing or worthy writing. Well, who cares.  

   In this age of facebook and twitter, people use wordpress because it is an important tool to read and write. I spent my last two months on wordpress. It is good. I enjoyed reading and writing and watching great photos too. But some times its too bore because I can’t find new stuff to read. The reason to that bloggers are not machines who blogs every now and then. I know this thing very well because I am blogger too. One who writes needs good atmosphere to write. Writing a blog in a lonely winter night in Paris would be great. Well, I would love to. What about you. If you in your life get bored and don’t know what to do, do writing, create a blog. You will enjoy a great experience. Ask other bloggers.


Real life or virtual life

 In this era of technology we all are living a life of which most time is spent on internet and on other technologies. There are many people who have realized the fact that how it differs from relying too on technology. We start our day with some device on our hand or at our desk. We spent whole day working on our desk with computers or other modern stuff. When our office is off we go home and spent our precious time on other electronic devices like tv, tablet, music players etc. Is that we want? Is that what you want for your entire life. In this global village of internet and electronics we are missing many real things. 

 Do you think that these communication devices and other internet messengers are connecting you more with your friends?. Social networks are to connect you with your friends and family, they not to disconnect you with your friends and family in real life. People do not meet each other face to face or in real. They like to text each other or facebook or twitter each other etc. We rely on internet too much that this is now our private world. In which we are not as social as we used to be. I bet meeting people face to face is the best way communicating than the rest of all. You still feel you cannot totally agree with me. I insist you to try it. Try to meet people face to face (not on internet). We can use any technology of our choice to message our friends to meet us at some place. Try it and comment what you felt. 



عدم وجود الحب في التعلم

التعلم فن. تجدر الإشارة إلى أن يكون هناك شغف تعلم شيء ما. يتم تعريف التعلم كفعل من صنع نفسك لمعرفة كيفية القيام بشيء أو المعرفي عملية اكتساب المهارة أو المعرفة. لا يمكنك أن تكون فنانا دون محبة للفن. من وجهة نظري لا يمكن أن تتعلم دون العاطفة، أقصد أن أقول أنه يمكن أن تتعلم دون العاطفة ولكنه سوف يكون لا مثل هذا النوع من معرفة، الذي قمتم به مع الحب. نحن لا مجرد الذهاب إلى هناك والدراسة دون أذهاننا كله في ذلك. العقل كله. نعم، بالعقل كله يعني تركيز كامل، والتركيز، والعاطفة، والميل إلى معرفة إلخ… أعتقد أن كل هذا يحتاج إلى شرح.

ماذا يفكر الناس في هذه الأيام هي التي تذهب إلى هناك تعلم الدرس الخاص بك، والانتهاء من هذه المهمة، يعود المنزل والنوم. نعم، يمكننا أن نفعل ذلك. مثل العديد من الطلاب هناك للحصول على علامات عالية في الموضوعات،  الشيء الوحيد الذي يحتاجونه، بل يريدون درجات جيدة للحصول على وظائف جيدة، ولا شيء أكثر. الناس القيام بوظائف، والذهاب العمل مع شيء واحد في الاعتبار أنه سيتم الانتهاء من مهامهم الحالية، وسوف يعود إلى الوطن دون أي اهتمام بمعرفة ما فعلته أو ما تعلموه أو ما حققوه اليوم. هل هذا فقط؟ هل هذا ما نريد أن نفعله في حياتنا؟ اسأل نفسك؟

أعتقد الآن إذا كنت قد فعلت العمل الخاص بك مع العاطفة، والميل إلى العمل الجاد والنجاح أو الإنجاز. النتائج قد تكون مختلفة من مما عليه الآن. وأعتقد، مجرد التفكير. كيف الناس ناجحة للقيام بأشياء في حياتهم؟

هل لديهم أي اهتمام بما يفعلون؟

هل هي ناجحة بسبب لا يحلم؟
هم الخاسرون في حياتهم الماضية؟
نعم، أنها قد فشلت في مرات عديدة. لكن النقطة المهمة أن أنهم لم يخذل ذواتهم. أننا نفقد، نعم نحن نخسر. ولكن فائز هو الذي يحاول جاهدا حتى بعد فقدان عدة مرات. نعم، يمكنك أن تتعلم. ولكن تعلم مع العاطفة، مع عقلك والعبادة.
إذا كنت لا تحصل على درجات جيدة في المدارس والكليات الخاصة بك، حتى تحب دراستك،  ليست مشكلة. لا بد لي أن أقول هذا أن لديك نقص في الحب دراستكم ثو، تحب الدراسات الخاصة بك. ما أحاول أن أقول أن كنت بحاجة إلى الحب أكثر من مثل كيف تحب فتاة/فتى. أرجو أن تفهم. التعلم ليس فقط عن ما كنت تعلم في المدرسة الخاصة بك. به عن كل شيء كنت على اتصال مع. نحن المتعلمين منذ اليوم ونحن ولد وسوف يكون المتعلمين حتى نموت. تعلم كل شيء لك يحب، ويحب، مهتمون في إلخ… عليك أن تجعل لا حدود لنفسك للدراسة أو البحث. الحب من الصعب معرفة، ما يحلو لك.

Good news: Instagram coming on to web with profiles


ImageInstagram yesterday announced that instagram will be on web within a few days. Profiles will be on for the users of instagram. This is a great step. As every fan and user of this photo social network always wish this to happen. Its a great news. Me, you and you are now waiting anxiously to see instagram on our web browsers. Profiles will make insta more beautiful and juicy. 


Not everyone knows this. But there is a competition for photo sharing social networking websites. Many of us believes that Instagram is number one. But no it is not Because Instagram is late on web. Instagram was launched in oct 2010. Since then it was only available on ios and android. Flickr is the number one in photo sharing. But I believe that this is time instagram will win the race. What do you think. Instagram is cool becuase it has modern social networking abilities like hashtags or sharps. So keep rocking with insta.


Lack of love in learning

Learning is an art. It should be noted that there should be passion to learn something. Learning is defined as an act of making yourself to know how to do a thing or  the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge. You can’t be an artist without loving the art. From my point of view you cannot learn without passion, I mean to say that you can learn without passion but it will be not like that kind of knowing, which you have done with love. We can’t just go out there and study without our whole mind in it. Whole mind. Yeah, by whole mind I meant full concentration, focus, passion, tendency to know etc.. I think this all needs explanation.

What people think these days is that go out there learn your lesson, finish the job, come back home and sleep. Yes, we can do that. Like many students are there to get high marks in the subjects, thats the only thing they need, they only want good grades to get good jobs, nothing more. People doing jobs, go to work with one thing in mind that they will finish their current tasks and will return home without any interest in knowing what they have done or what they have learned or what they have achieved today. Is that it? Is that what we want to do in our lives? Ask your self?

Now think if you have done your work with passion, tendency to hardwork and to success or achievement. The results could have been different from which they are now. Think, just think. How successful people do things in their lives?

Do they have no interest in what they do?

Are they successful because of not dreaming?

Were they losers in their past lives?

Yes, they have failed many times. But the point is that they never let their selves down. We lose, yes we lose. But a winner is the one who even after losing many times tries hard. Yup, you can learn. But learn with passion, with your mind and worship.

If you don’t get good grades in your schools/colleges, even you love your studies, thats not a problem. I have to say this that you have a lack of love for your studies tho, you love your studies. What I am trying to say is that you need to love more like how you love a girl/boy. I hope you understand. Learning is not just about what you learn in your school. Its about everything you are in contact with. We are learners since the day we born and will be learners till we die. Learn everything you likes, loves, are interested in etc.. You should not make boundaries for yourself to study or research. Love hard to learn, whatever you likes.