Lack of love in learning

Learning is an art. It should be noted that there should be passion to learn something. Learning is defined as an act of making yourself to know how to do a thing or  the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge. You can’t be an artist without loving the art. From my point of view you cannot learn without passion, I mean to say that you can learn without passion but it will be not like that kind of knowing, which you have done with love. We can’t just go out there and study without our whole mind in it. Whole mind. Yeah, by whole mind I meant full concentration, focus, passion, tendency to know etc.. I think this all needs explanation.

What people think these days is that go out there learn your lesson, finish the job, come back home and sleep. Yes, we can do that. Like many students are there to get high marks in the subjects, thats the only thing they need, they only want good grades to get good jobs, nothing more. People doing jobs, go to work with one thing in mind that they will finish their current tasks and will return home without any interest in knowing what they have done or what they have learned or what they have achieved today. Is that it? Is that what we want to do in our lives? Ask your self?

Now think if you have done your work with passion, tendency to hardwork and to success or achievement. The results could have been different from which they are now. Think, just think. How successful people do things in their lives?

Do they have no interest in what they do?

Are they successful because of not dreaming?

Were they losers in their past lives?

Yes, they have failed many times. But the point is that they never let their selves down. We lose, yes we lose. But a winner is the one who even after losing many times tries hard. Yup, you can learn. But learn with passion, with your mind and worship.

If you don’t get good grades in your schools/colleges, even you love your studies, thats not a problem. I have to say this that you have a lack of love for your studies tho, you love your studies. What I am trying to say is that you need to love more like how you love a girl/boy. I hope you understand. Learning is not just about what you learn in your school. Its about everything you are in contact with. We are learners since the day we born and will be learners till we die. Learn everything you likes, loves, are interested in etc.. You should not make boundaries for yourself to study or research. Love hard to learn, whatever you likes.


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