People and the wordpress

WordPress is a tool. It is a tool for publishing blogs on internet. We do publish. Some people publish their loved stuff while some people publish emotions. Yes, emotions, emotions of their own. Don’t mind. Its not a bad thing to do. Use wordpress to teach people what you already know. People do that. Some companies do their work on this wordpress of ours. While some companies do blog for self-esteem and they do not place ads too. Whatever people do on the website, it goes from his/her minds to his/her mind.


  This is not all what you will find out on wordpress. There are many other interesting people who do post cool things to read. But there are many “I” type people too. Those post blogs entirely on themselves. I am not against that. I am against their matter in the blog. I read their blogs and by the end of the blog, I am guilty and angry on myself that why I read this blog and wasted my precious time. But who explains these people to do some logical writing or worthy writing. Well, who cares.  

   In this age of facebook and twitter, people use wordpress because it is an important tool to read and write. I spent my last two months on wordpress. It is good. I enjoyed reading and writing and watching great photos too. But some times its too bore because I can’t find new stuff to read. The reason to that bloggers are not machines who blogs every now and then. I know this thing very well because I am blogger too. One who writes needs good atmosphere to write. Writing a blog in a lonely winter night in Paris would be great. Well, I would love to. What about you. If you in your life get bored and don’t know what to do, do writing, create a blog. You will enjoy a great experience. Ask other bloggers.


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