Real life or virtual life

 In this era of technology we all are living a life of which most time is spent on internet and on other technologies. There are many people who have realized the fact that how it differs from relying too on technology. We start our day with some device on our hand or at our desk. We spent whole day working on our desk with computers or other modern stuff. When our office is off we go home and spent our precious time on other electronic devices like tv, tablet, music players etc. Is that we want? Is that what you want for your entire life. In this global village of internet and electronics we are missing many real things. 

 Do you think that these communication devices and other internet messengers are connecting you more with your friends?. Social networks are to connect you with your friends and family, they not to disconnect you with your friends and family in real life. People do not meet each other face to face or in real. They like to text each other or facebook or twitter each other etc. We rely on internet too much that this is now our private world. In which we are not as social as we used to be. I bet meeting people face to face is the best way communicating than the rest of all. You still feel you cannot totally agree with me. I insist you to try it. Try to meet people face to face (not on internet). We can use any technology of our choice to message our friends to meet us at some place. Try it and comment what you felt. 




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