Best web browser for iPhone/iPad

The best browser for your iphone and ipad might give you the satisfaction you want. The question is which one is the best. You can decide that on your own and you don’t need an expert opinion for that. But today I am going to tell you which one is the best. I have used more than 5 web browsers in my iphone and ipad. Some of them are safari, chrome, dolphin, rockmelt. When I used these browsers i found many bad things in common in all of them except the one. These bad things were slow browsing, lagging and worse image quality and some times I even can’t see images. There is no any problem with my idevices and my internet. I used these browsers on my friends devices too and found the same results. So the lesson I learned and you should learn is that don’t follow names and tech websites recommended browsers, try it your self every browser and choose the best one from them. So the best web browser in ios is google chrome. Because it has everything you want in your browser and its fast and very smooth as compared to other brands. It has syncing ability as we all know, it gives you best image quality and videos goes on very nice. Have you ever used facebook or twitter in your mobile web browser? If not, try it in your favourite browser and then you may understand me.

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