iphone/ipad app review: camera awesome (camera!)


Best app for iphone’s camera. As far as the quality is concerned it is very good and has many filters and graphics. The only problem with this app is that it takes too much time to open but when it is open, it will make you a very cool photographer. Filters are good and have variety. Photos from camera roll can be edited through this app. 
It has a very good focus lock feature for focusing. Transform stuff included which is like editing tool. Presets are available for different kind of filters. Then the filters are there, the native kind of filters for giving you one of the most awesome pictures. Textures are too part of this great app for texturing picture and again giving a better quality in its own way. Old famous frames are there to help you frame your memories.
Then there are features for iphone users who don’t like the way capturing the picture. There is a image stabilization option so that if your hand shake then it will help to produce a better image. Then there is an option which is my favourite in this app and it is the big button. Big button gives you a big button in the middle of the screen, press it and it will snap the picture. There are the cool photographers buttons for quick and slow captures and these buttons are called slow burst and fast burst. Timers included in this app for the timing game. And last but not the least, there is also an option for pre-record video and I recommend you to check it yourself. Hope you can enjoy the app.



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