Writer in love

Writing is an art. For me it comes when I am on auto pilot mode. With all the thoughts and logic coming into my head from no where. Don’t know boy, if it is a god gifted thing or may be nothing. I always do try to write good to gain more public. But I can’t write when I am not in a good mood. Depression takes away everything. I don’t depress a lot but sometimes our mood is bot that good. We keep on going without thinking. Imagine how old popular writers writes, they might ve in a very good mood but that is not what it is. I heard and read that many popular or most popular authors were very upset. I can’t say why but I know that they have only one gift in their life and which is of love. They loved someone but again I don’t know are they with their lovers or not. I can say one thing very clearly here that I am not with my lover. Again I don’t know why, may be there is no one for me now or whatever.


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