Sad with wordpress

WordPress is our great partner in internet. It is like a life partner to many people who do blog and are great bloggers. But still there are many improvements which can be done to make it great. I am writing for the bloggers right now. I am blogger too and I know how to write and read. Problem here is not about writing. 


The problem here is of reading. The reading view and its buttons. I am angry and going to ask that where the heck is the search button as we used to use in the previous wordpress. The last one was small image of a magnifying glass. But it was still useful. The question here is that when I want to read about some topic what would I do. Should I go and type in the topic or should I type it in the search. My opinion is that, there should be a search box for that. Every social network and blogging website has that searching ability then where is mine. I used to read 15-20 blogs per day on wordpress but now I hardly read 2-3 blogs in a day.


WordPress new design for reading is cool and I like it. They can improve it by reducing the view size of the content at least as the size of what we see in facebook wall. Twitter is not popular without any reason. Twitter is popular because of many reasons and logics and one of them is of the tweet size and characters by which users can see quick updates. And I know we can search in wordpress by opening this :


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