We all dream. I do dream and not sure sometimes what was the dream. Could be a good one next time, I will remember the next one. Could be bad one but still has to remember the upcoming, thats what I negotiate with myself. But cannot remember. Or don’t want to remember who knows. But one thing I know that I enjoy dreams. If it is good dream then it is like a very impressive fictional film and if it is bad, well I try my best to fix the things.

I do not dream that much what many other people dreams. My dreams came in sometimes in night. Well, if I am asleep at night. Some of my dream comes in my mind to give me a big boost. I can say this but I cannot explain because I cannot remember my dreams.

I don’t know the medical stuff behind the dreams. But one thing I know which is cool is that some people are successful only because of their dreams. If their dreams weren’t there then they might not tasted the success. Doesn’t matter what kind of dreams those are, whether day dreams or dreams saw when were asleep. Dreams are dreams thats what I can say now. I am writing this blog and its a midnight right now, may be I can dream something cool. Well, whatever. So keep dreaming and dream big.


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