How to get in the business (By Phone Dog)

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No time for love because miss perfect

I don’t have time for love. My love is no where these days. I am mature now. I should not think about it, what if I fall in love with someone. I don’t wanna love or I think may be I want to love someone but there is no one in my life who deserves my love. I can’t say that I am right. But I know one thing that my miss perfect will come to my life day and it will take some time to see that day.

Love it like it

Do love your loved one but please be sure to be yourself. Don’t destroy what you are for the one you love. If you will do so then your lover won’t have that reason to love you. Try to be yourself no matter what others want. Love is the perfect gift for your life. Stay what you are, don’t be crazy and don’t upset your other friends and family because of your love. Love it like a love don’t do something else. Stay intelligent and smart.