Blogging ; Internet



Today in this era of Internet we have new form of writers called bloggers. Internet have eased the writers to show their talent without any cost to the world. By blogging anyone can show the talent that person have. God gifted us the internet and for new writers it is a paradise. A heaven with no boundaries and nothing to worry about. Writers who live in dreams and their home is internet. This is the modern form by which anyone can show his/her art. Before internet writing publication wasn’t as easy as it is today. So smart people will use this utility in their interests and the rest will use other gifts.

Users In Kuwait can change their cell phone networks



Kuwait Ministry of Communications have allowed users to change their networks without changing their numbers. Changing networks is allowed in other Big Asian countries but in middle east and specially in Kuwait no one thought about it. There are three big companies current operating in Kuwait’s market. Wataniya, Zain and Viva. A tough competition in market and now is going to be much tougher then what it was.



Two cell phones

These days I have two cell phones. Sometimes I remember those days when I wish I get a cell phone in my dreams, I was a child then. But now I have two cell phones in my pockets. Yes, cell phones are useful but sometimes I get irritated because there is a good amount of stuff in my pocket. So the problem is my pants are heavy.  Who does moves around with the heavy pants. No, I don’t like but I know a few people who like and live in heavy bags. My both cell phones are big and little heavy too. My question is that what should I do, should I stop wearing pants or should I stop using mobiles or anything else? Write your comments down below.