Twitter busy in building new web browser (Rumors)


According to some sources and rumors, twitter special team is busy in research and development of a new web browser in the tech world. Rumors saying that it will first enter pc and mac market and then after some time it will enter mobile market. Rumors aren’t always true but this time my gut feeling is that our twitter is really doing this work. 



Social media website review: reddit


The social news network with a huge number of users. Users submit texts and links to publish the news. There are also funny and controversial categories. Users can vote content. Front page displays the most popular and top rated stuff. All the news in the website is socially created by the users. There are also other question and answers categories. Reddit is written in python, creating it a great website to discover new content and news. Users can personalize the front page and subreddits (categories) according to their tastes. There is no spam at all on the website because of smartly coded and greatly organised of the website. Reddit is now the one of the favourite and also one of the most visited website for social news and social media.

Website review:

Stumbleupon is a modern kind of search engine. It is social search engine (but there will be no need of search). By using stumbleupon, you can find the great content on the internet according to your taste. Stumbleupon collects almost all the popular and non popular media on the internet and represents to its users according to their needs. It is now one of the best website people to visit to keep themselves up to date. Stumbleupon is on the number 144 on alexa most traffic websites ranking. It has all good features to fulfill the media requirements of every normal person. It has a great user interface and it display all the content without searching. 

Not in a mood to write but, because it is WordPress

To write something today I am not in a mood. But the question is what mood means. According to my dictionary mood means : “A temporary state of mind or feeling”. So I can change my mood because it is wordpress guys. It is a pressing thing, it presses your words. It is a press like where news papers are prepared and still there are many people who read newspapers. So it doesn’t mean we cannot change our moods. Just click on the new post button in wordpress then see your finger will start on their on because it is wordpress. So guys keep on pressing. I didn’t mean that. Well, I mean press everything you like. Happy weekend.