Change by Apple ( iPhone 5s / 5c & iOS 7 )



The announcement of new ios and iPhones is not like the previous announcements by apple. This time the change is coming with the new devices and ios 7. The change will obviously come with two new devices and ios but also on the apps you use daily. All apps will be updated by their developers to make it smooth and suitable for the new ios. This is the changing time from apple since its very first ios launch. Its good or bad, People will see it in the near future but for now as ios 7 will release on 18th september, we can see it on our own.  


Computers Age


Computers have revolutionized how we lived for years. Before computers every thing was hard and time consuming. Tasks were difficult and different. Offices do things in months which we now do in a day. Computer make the men to see everything and to calculate things beyond imagination. 
At the start of Humans there being an age called agricultural revolution. After that a long and very important age happened called industrial revolution which was very controversial because of the superpower it gave to the countries.  And currently we are having information revolution which is almost changing every part and behavior of our lives. 
Computer can do everything in our lives. From the time we wake up from our bed to the time we sleep. Computers are with us, helping us as our friends and more than a friend. Computers can talk, read, write and even watch and sense us. Because of computers, we have information technology. A technology by which information is much easier to access than any other device.

Good news: Instagram coming on to web with profiles


ImageInstagram yesterday announced that instagram will be on web within a few days. Profiles will be on for the users of instagram. This is a great step. As every fan and user of this photo social network always wish this to happen. Its a great news. Me, you and you are now waiting anxiously to see instagram on our web browsers. Profiles will make insta more beautiful and juicy. 


Not everyone knows this. But there is a competition for photo sharing social networking websites. Many of us believes that Instagram is number one. But no it is not Because Instagram is late on web. Instagram was launched in oct 2010. Since then it was only available on ios and android. Flickr is the number one in photo sharing. But I believe that this is time instagram will win the race. What do you think. Instagram is cool becuase it has modern social networking abilities like hashtags or sharps. So keep rocking with insta.