Twitter busy in building new web browser (Rumors)


According to some sources and rumors, twitter special team is busy in research and development of a new web browser in the tech world. Rumors saying that it will first enter pc and mac market and then after some time it will enter mobile market. Rumors aren’t always true but this time my gut feeling is that our twitter is really doing this work. 



Flipboard app review ( iPhone, iPad, android )

The best social news app for readers. Gives every content on internet a magazine kind of view. In flipboard you can add any website or any other social media (facebook, twitter, G+ stream etc) stuff. It is the currently the best social news app in apple app store and google play store. It has print-style layouts making it the most beautiful reading app on the stores right now. Fliping it flips pages and makes you even more closer to the latest news and content.
Flipboard supports audio and video streaming within its app. Flipboard have partnership with almost all the major and popular content making websites. Flipboard is free and is very useful in the modern world of mobile. Since its debut in 2010, it has topped the charts of news apps and reference apps. It can subscribe to rss feed and even subscribe to the facebook, twitter and Google plus streams. You can also add your own facebook wall, twitter stream and also the google plus stream. Flipboard makes it easier to organize all the news according to a person’s taste. It is one of the best news personalization app to the date. Enjoy flipping it.

iPhone app review: Banjo


Banjo is a social networking app. You can use it by connecting your social networks to this app. It updates about the ongoing posts, tweets, check-in and as wished, the photos your friends post and update. It also has the feature of public posts. By which we can see the public posts of any place we would like to.

It shows weather of the place you tapped and then the public posts. From which we people can know what is going on our desired place. Overall it is a nice app and it can be used for a long time at least till we are on social networks. Developers has great minds behind this app and it is worthy. But it is free. So enjoy.